Residential & Commercial

The purpose of a permit is to ensure that the work is performed according to proper standards. Permits are required for all residential and commercial construction projects. A permit entitles the permit holder to the required inspections needed throughout the project.

Permits are to be obtained by the individual performing the work and all fees must be paid prior to the start of any work. A homeowner may obtain a permit to perform work at their own residence, provided they sign a Homeowner’s Affidavit certifying they are performing the work in lieu of a licensed contractor. If work will be performed by an outside company, homeowners should verify that all contractors hired to perform work at their property are registered with the City of Middleburg Heights and have properly obtained a permit from the Division of Building. A current list of registered contractors is available through the Division of Building, where permit and contractor registration status can also be confirmed. Please call 440-234-2218 with inquiries.

Covenants & Deed Restrictions

Covenants and deed restrictions are regulations set forth by many homeowner associations. While not enforced by the city of Middleburg Heights, some regulations may restrict construction. For more information, please contact your association.

Site Plat of Property

It is important that you are knowledgeable about property lines and the location of your house/building on said property. If you do not have a copy of your property plat, review your loan closing documents or contact your mortgage lending institution to obtain one. You may also contact the Division of Building to inquire if a copy is on file; please note that plats are not available for all properties. If you are unable to locate a copy of your property plat through the above mentioned sources, you will be required to hire a certified land surveyor or civil engineer to have one prepared.

Permit Application Forms

The following is a list of work that permits are issued for through the Division of Building. For ease of use, we have separated commercial from residential. Locate the type of work you will be performing for further details about permits and requirements. Please call the Division of Building if you are not certain which type of permit application needs to be filled out for the work you are performing.


Addition/Tenant-Interior Alteration

Change of Occupancy

Commercial Real Estate Sign

Contractor Registration Application


Electrical Work

Fire Protection

Generator Permit


New Building Construction

Paving Parking Area

Plumbing Work

Sidewalk Sale

Sole Proprietor

Temporary Sign

Tent Sale


Addition/Interior Alteration

Concrete Work

Contractor Registration Application



Electrical Work



Generator Permit

Grade Change/Filling


New Home Construction

Plumbing Work




Swimming Pool