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Property tax in Middleburg Heights, administered by the Cuyahoga County Auditor, is based on the county-assigned value of all parcels of land within each taxing district. The County Auditor determines an assessed value, which is 35 percent of the appraised market value of the parcel. This value is updated every three years based on the average price that surrounding or similar properties sold for within the previous three-year period. Every six years, the Auditor revisits all properties to re-appraise the value of each piece of land based on any building additions or major improvements. (The last reappraisal of property values was conducted in 2018.)

For tax year 2019 (paid in 2020), a homeowner in Middleburg Heights will pay approximately 2.32% of market or appraised value of their property. As an example a $200,000 home in Middleburg Heights: $200,000 x 2.32% = $4,640 property tax bill.

Only a small portion of your property taxes goes to the support of the City of Middleburg Heights. For every $1.00 of your property taxes paid for 2019, the City receives approximately 6 cents. The majority of your tax dollars support the Berea City School District and various Cuyahoga County levies.

For property tax information, please visit the Cuyahoga County government website at