The City of Middleburg Heights Finance Department is responsible for:

  • Financial accounting and reporting for all city funds.
  • Preparing the city’s annual operating budget and capital budget.
  • Administering the city’s payroll and employee benefits program.
  • Working with banks and investment firms, while serving as custodian of city funds, investments and property.
  • Managing the city’s debt and filing required disclosures and other documents with specified state and federal agencies.
  • Administering the city’s risk-management and human resources programs, including property and casualty insurance, health and dental insurance and Workers Compensation.
  • Collecting fees, assessments and tax revenues from various sources.
  • Certifying the availability of funds to pay for proposed expenditures and serving as the purchasing agent for the city.
  • Certifying civil service payrolls.
  • Administering union contracts and serving as the city’s bargaining agent.
  • Maintaining the city’s financial records.
  • Producing an annual financial report.

The Director of Finance is the chief fiscal officer for the city and is the financial advisor to the mayor and city council.

Finance Director Jason Stewart and Assistant Director Nicholas Vitalone are both Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).