City Income Tax

Our city income tax is collected by the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), which serves many communities throughout northeast Ohio. City income taxes can be filed electronically at opens in a new

  • If you earn wages, or profits from a business, you must file a return with RITA, even if your employer has withheld taxes and you do not owe additional taxes.
  • City income tax forms must be filed annually by April 15. (Exceptions do occasionally occur; see Finance FAQ page for deadline for the upcoming year.)
  • Our city income tax rate is 2.0%.
  • Middleburg Heights residents who work outside our city receive a 100% credit for taxes paid to other cities, limited to our city’s 2.0 % tax. If you live in Middleburg Heights and work in Cleveland, for example and pay a 2.0% tax to Cleveland, you will not owe any additional income tax to Middleburg Heights. However, if you work in a city that charges a 1.0% income tax, then you will owe the difference of 2.0% income tax to Middleburg Heights.
  • If you are retired, you usually do not have to pay city income tax on Social Security benefits or on other pension benefits. For questions regarding taxable income, please contact RITA for information.
  • If you are self-employed, or if the city income tax is not otherwise deducted from your income, you must make estimated tax payments to RITA on a quarterly basis. Please call RITA at (440) 526-0900 for information, or visit its website at  opens in a new
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