Message from the Chief

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Gary Starr, Executive Assistant Robert Downey, Safety Director John Ligato and members of the Middleburg Heights City Council for the opportunity to lead the Midlleburg Heights Police Department. As I complete my third week as Chief, the welcome that I have received from the members of the department and citizens of Middleburg Heights has been overwhelming.

I look forward to engaging and meeting more members of the community. Our mission will be to provide superior services to all who live, work, conduct business and worship in the City of Middleburg Heights.

Finally I want to thank the men and women who work for the Police Department. Your dedication, professionalism and commitment to the residents we serve is a standard for all law enforcement agencies to emulate.

Edward J. Tomba
Chief of Police

For all information regarding Police Department employment, please visit the Middleburg Heights Civil Service Commission page.

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