The Middleburg Heights Civil Service Commission has been established by provision of our city charter, in accordance with the constitution of the State of Ohio.

The Commission

  • Administers civil service examinations for prospective firefighters and police officers.
  • Creates and administers employment rules governing civil service employees in our city, which includes all firefighters and police officers, with the exception of the fire chief and police chief.
  • Consists of three members, who are appointed by the mayor with the approval of a majority of city council members. Members serve for six years in staggered terms. They cannot hold other municipal office or appointment and cannot be appointed to serve consecutive terms.
  • Is required to keep a record of its proceedings and examinations. This record is open to public inspection


The Civil Service Commission meetings are scheduled as needed. Meetings are held at City Hall, 15700 Bagley Road. All Civil Service meetings are open to the public.

For meeting dates and agendas, click the link here.

Civil Service Examinations

  • The Civil Service Commission conducts examinations for the positions of Firefighter/Paramedic and Police Officer.


City of Middleburg Heights Firefighter/Paramedic Examination Results and Eligible List

The eligible list found at the link below is the results of the Firefighter/Paramedic entrance examination.

Approved by the Civil Service Commission of the City of Middleburg Heights on August 8, 2023.

The Firefighter/Paramedic eligibility list will expire no later than August 8, 2025.

See the City of Middleburg Heights Firefighter/Paramedic Eligible List by clicking opens in a new windowhere.