The police3Middleburg Heights Civil Service Commission has been established by provision of our city charter, in accordance with the constitution of the State of Ohio.
The commission:

  • Administers civil service examinations for prospective police officers and firefighters.
  • Creates and administers employment rules governing civil service employees in our city, which includes all firefighters and police officers, with the exception of the fire chief and the police chief.
  • Consists of three members, who are appointed by the mayor with the approval of a majority of city council members. Members serve for six years in staggered terms. They cannot hold other municipal office or appointment and cannot be appointed to serve consecutive terms.
  • Is required to keep a record of its proceedings and examinations. This record is open to public inspection.


The city of Middleburg Heights is seeking Ohio Certified Police Officers to be part of its police department.  Lateral entry will be provided for officers currently or previously employed within the past twelve months as a full-time officer working a minimum of 30 hours per week in a jurisdiction in the State of Ohio.   They must be an Ohio Certified Police Officer with a minimum of one year of experience with an Ohio State Certified Law Enforcement Agency after successfully completing their probationary period.

Applicants for lateral entry as a Middleburg Heights Police Office must:  Have attained the age of 21 prior to appointment and possess a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited College or University, be OPOTA certified including current certification in firearms training, be an Ohio resident at the time of appointment, have a valid Ohio Driver’s License and be able to be insured by the City’s insurance carrier, and submit to a thorough background check, polygraph examination, psychological and medical examination, drug screen, physical agility test or any other method necessary to ascertain the qualification and abilities of the applicant.

The salary range is $58,364.80/year to $78,728.00/year.   Excellent benefits are provided including 12.25% pension pickup, health, dental, vision and group life insurance, paid vacation, holiday, personal, and sick leave and a uniform allowance.   Accrued sick leave with another public entity in the State of Ohio can be transferred to the city of Middleburg Heights for purposes of calculating vacation which employees are eligible to receive after one year of employment.

Applications may be obtained in person at Middleburg Heights City Hall or by clicking the link below.   All applications can be delivered in person or mailed to: Middleburg Heights City Hall, c/o Civil Service Commission, 15700 Bagley Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44212.    The application deadline is Friday, March 9, 2018.

Click here for an application.   The following documents must be attached when application is filed:

  • Copy of valid Ohio Driver’s License
  • Copy of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Copy of high school diploma or an official high school transcript certified by the school
  • Copy of OPOTA Certification
  • Copy of a current Tri-C Physical Agility Certificate
  •   Note:  As the application deadline is March 9, 2018 and the next available test date for the Physical Agility Exam at Tri-C is scheduled for March 11, 2018, the Civil Service Commission will accept your application without submitting the physical agility certificate by the deadline date of March 9, 2018.   However, you must still successfully pass the Tri-C physical agility examination and turn in your certificate to be considered for appointment.

Civil Service Examinations                                                 

The Civil Service Commission conducts examinations for the positions of Firefighter/Paramedic and Patrol Officer.

When examinations are scheduled, the dates and requirements will be announced and publicized in advance.


Applications for scheduled examinations may be obtained at the Civil Service Commission office at City Hall or on our website.  No applications will be mailed.  Completed applications with all necessary attachments must be returned, in person, to the Civil Service Commission during the specified application period.  A $30.00 non-refundable application fee is due when the application is returned.

Candidate Requirements


Applicants for examinations for original appointment to the police department as a patrol officer must:

  • Have attained the age of 21 on or prior to the date of appointment.
  • Have a valid Ohio Driver’s License.
  • Possess a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Criminology or Justice Studies by the time the candidate is appointed. Proof of attainment of the educational requirement must be in the form of certification by the applicant’s educational institution.


Applicants for examinations for original appointment to the fire department as a firefighter/paramedic must:

  • Have attained the age of 21 on or prior to the date of appointment.
  • Have not attained the age of 31 at the date of appointment.
  • Have a valid Ohio Driver’s License.

Such appointment shall be in accordance with other requirements as set forth in Section 124.42 of the Revised Code.  No prospective appointee for the position of firefighter/paramedic will be certified to any appointing authority unless he/she has State of Ohio Department of Public Safety Certification as a Paramedic and Firefighter Level 1 and 2.

Physical and Medical Requirements

Police candidates will be give a physical agility examination at a specified time.  Those who pass the physical agility examination will be given a written examination on the same day.  Exact time will be determined after completion of the agility examination.

Firefighter/Paramedic candidates must present a current Physical Agility Test Certification from Tri-C Fire Academy with a validated passing time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, or less.  In addition, candidates will be given a swimming/underwater retrieval test.  Those who pass the swimming/underwater retrieval test will be given a written examination on the same day.

All prospective appointees must pass a comprehensive medical examination prior to a permanent appointment.  Failure to submit to any of the above tests will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

Additional information is included with the application.

The City of Middleburg Heights is an Equal Opportunity Employer.