Our fire department protects 8.2 square miles in our community, which includes residential and wooded areas, clean industry, and warehouse, office and retail properties.

We also have a railroad, an interstate highway (I-71) and various bodies of water, including streams, ponds, small lakes, a quarry and a portion of the Rocky River, that are part of our responsibility.

In addition to being responsible for fire suppression and prevention, we handle a large number of medical emergencies that require paramedic training and advanced lifesaving skills.

All of our firefighters are certified paramedics, required to maintain their certification with regular hands-on training with equipment, through classroom work and in hospital clinical rotations.

Our department also helps provide specialized services, including a fire investigation team, dive-rescue, swift-water and ice rescue, hazardous materials response, confined-space/trench rescue and serving as medics for police SWAT and bomb teams.

In 2008, the department received a new Pierce fire engine. It replaced a reserve Sutphen fire engine.

The fire engine incorporates many new safety features to protect our firefighters as they respond to and return from calls. This equipment includes seatbelts and airbags in the cab and new striping on the rear of the truck.

Non-Emergency Services

Our fire department provides a variety of non-emergency services, including public education for adults and children.

Our fire-prevention services include building inspections to identify and correct hazardous conditions in commercial and industrial buildings, apartment buildings, nursing homes and other public facilities.

These inspections are conducted as needed in special situations and as part of a regular schedule throughout the year.

Fire Station and trucks