Programs for the Community

Our police and fire departments help parents teach kindergarten-age children how to be safe in their everyday lives by sponsoring an annual two-week Safety Town program each summer.

Instructors set up a scale-model town, complete with streets, small working traffic lights and pedal cars for the children to use while learning about traffic lights and how to cross the street safely.

Children are also taught important lessons about fire safety, bicycle safety, train safety and how to remain safe around strangers and animals.

As part of the program, the young students take tours of our police and fire stations and then participate in a graduation ceremony at our Community Center, where they receive a certificate.

For information about enrolling your kindergarten-age children in our next Safety Town, call the Recreation Department Information Line at (440) 239-6312.

Fire Extinguisher and Automatic External Defibrillator Training

For businesses in our city, the fire department offers training in the use of fire extinguishers and automatic external defibrillators. To make an appointment for training on either piece of equipment, call (440) 243-1313.

Safety town kids playground