Middleburg Heights Fire Department
Commercial Occupancy Pre-Plan

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    The Fire Prevention Bureau may fax or e-mail pertinent fire safety information to area businesses. We hope that you will take note of these safety tips to help keep you protected from unwanted fires and other dangers. Remember, all unwanted or unfriendly fires, no matter how small the size, shall be reported to the Fire Department immediately.

    By following the simple code requirements checklist below you will have contributed to the safety of your property, personnel, and customers and be awarded a certificate of Fire Prevention:

    All aisles and emergency exits are clear at all times, both inside and outside.
    All exit and emergency lighting is in working order.
    All fire doors are closed to prevent the spread of a fire.
    Keep all fire doors closed to prevent the spread of a fire.
    No extension cords or cube adapters are being used in place of permanent wiring.
    No combustible material is stored in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, or electrical equipment rooms.
    All relocatable power taps are directly connected to a permanently installed receptacle.

    Fire protection systems and equipment have been inspected, tested and maintained by individuals and companies licensed by the State Fire Marshal's Office.

    The following shall be inspected and serviced annually:

    Fire Alarm Systems
    Sprinkler Systems
    Carbon Dioxide and Halon Extinguishing Systems
    Fire Extinguishers

    The following suppression systems have been inspected and tested for proper operation at 6-month intervals:

    Wet and Dry Chemical Systems

    Most Commonly Found Fire Code Violations in Businesses

    The following shall be inspected and serviced annually:

    Clearance between combustible materials and ignition sources must be maintained in an approved manner (2017 OFC: 305.1)
    Orderly stacks of storage shall be maintained (2017 OFC: 315.3)
    Proper ceiling clearance shall be maintained, 24 inches non-sprinklered occupancies and 18 inches under bottom of sprinkler head deflector for sprinklered occupancies (2017 OFC: 315.3.1)
    Combustible materials shall not be stored in exits or in enclosures for stairways or ramps (2017 OFC: 315.3.2)
    There shall be no Combustible storage stored in boiler, mechanical, electrical and fire command rooms (2017 OFC: 315.3.3)
    Knox Box keys up to date (2017 OFC: 506.2)
    Access to fire alarm and fire suppression components will be provided and maintained (2017 OFC: 509.2)
    Emergency exit and emergency lighting shall be inspected monthly and maintained by properly instructed individual. (2017 OFC: 604.6, 604.7, 604.8)
    Power strips shall not be used with high amp draw appliances, (microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator, etc.), power strips shall not be plugged into each other, power strips need to have over current protection (2017 OFC: 605.1)
    Working Clearance around electrical panels shall be maintained 30 inches width, 36 inches depth and 78 inches height (2017 OFC: 605.3)
    Extension cords, cheater plugs and multi-plugs shall not be used. Flexible power cords shall not be extended in ceiling, through walls and under doors (2017 OFC: 605.4, 605.5)
    There shall not be Open junction boxes and open splices (2017 OFC: 605.6)
    Portable space heaters shall have a 36 inch clearance from combustible materials when in operation and during cool down, must be list and labeled, needs to be plugged directly into wall receptacle, do not plug into power strip or use an extension cord (2017 OFC: 605.10.1, 605.10.2, 605.10.3, 605.10.4)
    Hood system shall be cleaned and maintained properly (2017 OFC: 609.3)
    Replace missing ceiling tiles, repair or replace damaged ceiling tiles, adjust all misaligned ceiling tiles so that they are set in grid properly (2017 OFC: 703.1.2)
    Fire doors shall close and latch properly (2017 OFC: 703.2.3)
    Fire Alarm and fire suppression systems need to be inspected tested and maintained in accordance with referenced standards (2017 OFC: 901.6, 901.6.1, 901.6.2, 901.6.3)
    Fire extinguishers shall be inspected annually and monthly (2017 OFC: 906.2)
    Fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed from view (2017 OFC: 906.5, 906.6, 906.7, 906.8, 906.9)
    Exit access doors shall be marked appropriately, exits signs need to illuminate properly (2017 OFC: 1013.1, 1013.3)
    Do not block or restrict exits and egress paths (2017 OFC: 1003.6)
    Door Opening Force, pushing/pulling open, shall not exceed 5-pound force for interior swinging egress doors, for other swinging doors other than fire doors. Other swinging sliding, folding doors, the door latch shall release with 15-pound force. Door shall be set into motion when subjected to 30-pound force, door shall swing full-open position when subjected to 15-pound force (2017 OFC: 1010.1.3)
    Compressed gas cylinders not secured properly (2017 OFC: 5303.5.3)

    Thank you for taking the time to assist us in our fire protection efforts. You can now print your Fire Prevention Certificate.

    Please call if you have any questions or need assistance. We are proud to partner with you in helping to keep the Middleburg Heights business community safe and secure.