Fire Department Resources

Emergencies – 911

Alternate emergency number:
(440) 243-1212

Non-emergency and business line:
(440) 243-1313

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Commercial Fire Prevention Plan

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Fire Safety Checklist for the Workplace

Please review this checklist on a regular basis.

fire escape routes

1 Does your property have clear and accessible escape routes?

fire fighting equipment

2 Is fire fighting equipment available throughout the entire property?

tested fire alarms

3 Do you have a fully working, regularly tested fire alarm?

fire precautions advertised

4 Do you have a set of fire precautions advertised for your employees?

regularly trained staff

5 Are your staff regularly trained in fire safety matters?

evacuation plans

6 Are all of your staff taken into consideration in your evacuation plans?

designated smokers area

7 Do you have a sectioned area for smokers on your premises?

fire extinguishers serviced

8 Are your fire extinguishers services and replaced on a regular basis?

electrical systems maintained

9 Are all of your electrical systems and appliances maintained and checked regularly?