• Berea Municipal Court
    Berea Municipal Court handles Traffic, Criminal, Civil and Small Claims cases arising within the Court’s jurisdiction.
  • Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center
    24/7 Helpline (216) 391-HELP (4357)
    The 24-Hour HELPLINE offers immediate and confidential crisis assistance, emotional support and information to individuals who have been affected by domestic violence, teen dating violence, stalking and child abuse.
  • Victim’s Rights in Ohio
    • Marsy’s Law gives Ohio’s crime victims specific constitutional rights in the criminal justice process. This amendment to the Ohio Constitution ensures that all crime victims know their rights including the right to enforce those rights if they are violated. For additional information and a complete list of Victim’s Rights, visit marsyslaw.us.
    • Cuyahoga County Family Justice Center offers assistance with protection orders, access to community resources and justice system advocacy. Contact (216) 443-7800.
    • Cleveland Rape Crisis Center offers direct services free of charge to anyone who has been affected by sexual violence. Services include individual/group counseling, justice system advocacy and assistance for human trafficking victims. 24-Hour hotline (216) 619-6192.
    • VINELink (Victim Information Notification Everyday) provides victims and concerned citizens with 24-hour access to information on an offender’s incarceration status. You may register online at vinelink.com or at (800) 770-0192.

    The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has additional information and resources for victims of crime and their families. Visit their website at ohioattorneygeneral.gov.