Tips for a Safe Community from Police Chief Ed Tomba

Unfortunately, no neighborhood is completely immune to crime. But there are many things every community member can do to reduce his or her chances of becoming a victim. The following are crime prevention tips the Middleburg Heights Police Department encourages residents to adopt to protect themselves and their property from theft or damage.

Residents are reminded to secure their homes and if they see something out of place call us using 911 or (440) 243-1234.

Tips to Prevent Residential Thefts:

  • Lock all doors and windows to prevent easy access.
  • Lock your vehicles and keep valuables out of sight. That may seem easy, but with our busy lives, we forget to do some simple things that will make it harder for potential thieves to steal your belongings. What we are observing around our region is young kids walking down the street, pulling on car door handles and entering them, which can happen in under a minute.
  • Ensure you have adequate exterior lighting to illuminate the exterior of your home.
  • Look out for your neighbors.
  • Secure valuables inside your residence.
  • Consider landscaping designs which do not provide cover for would be suspects.
  • Install motion sensors and cameras on residential access points.
  • Installation of an alarm system.