Statement from Mayor Castelli:

I would like to share with the residents and businesses of Middleburg Heights that Police Chief Ed Tomba and I are committed to providing quality, bias-free law enforcement services in our City through community engagement and the philosophy of community policing. In light of recent events, I want to assure everyone that the Middleburg Heights Police Department is in close contact with state and local law enforcement agencies who are monitoring events taking place locally and around the country. The unconscionable act that occurred in Minneapolis is a tragedy we can all agree should never happen again in our country. I am proud to share with our residents that as of February, 2020, the Middleburg Heights Police Department has achieved certification of all standards set forth by the Ohio Collaborative which was put in place as a result of several high-profile use-of-force incidents in the State of Ohio and around the Nation. Its mission is to provide standards and guidance to law enforcement to ease tensions between communities and the police that serve them. These standards were set forth by a diverse group of law enforcement officials, academia, and community and faith-based leaders throughout the State of Ohio.

To learn more about the  opens in a new windowOhio Collaborative please click here.

Statement from Police Chief Ed Tomba:

As we navigate these most challenging times in our Country, the men and women of The Middleburg Heights Police Department will continue to provide superior law enforcement services not only to our residents, but also to those who work and visit our City. I want to assure all of our residents that we are a well-equipped and trained law enforcement agency who adhere to the highest standards of conduct.

We are here to be a partner with you regarding any issue or concern that you may have. You can expect a professional, respectful response to problem solving. Our officers appreciate the support of the Middleburg Heights Community. We will continue to train to the highest standards and continue to engage with each one of you.

As I watched the events of the last two weeks unfold in front of me, I questioned over and over the criminal behavior of four law enforcement officers in Minneapolis. I have been a police officer for 35 years and have never seen an act of hate so blatant. The criminal actions of a few have reflected back on us and we must not let those actions deter us from our mission of serving and protecting our communities.

I ask all law enforcement officers to reach out to their respective communities and fellow officers and rededicate themselves to our solemn oath of office. We all raised our right hands and affirmed that we would uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the laws of our States and Cities.