From left to right: Mark Ezaki, Abby Schad, Harley Helman, Mayor Starr, Jessica Majewski (Assistant Director of Kidszone & Young Ambassadors Leader), Maryum Ali, Kaiya Bundy, Olivia Farris and Kaylee Johnson.

The seven Middleburg Heights “Young Ambassadors” met with Mayor Starr this past week to tell him about their goals for this summer.

The Young Ambassadors program teaches youth ages 10 to 15 years old the importance of community service. It also provides opportunities for each Ambassador to gain valuable work experience as a volunteer, event planner, and as a spokesperson for the program. The program is designed to empower students and teach them leadership skills they will use the rest of their life.

One of the outreach projects that they will be involved in this summer is helping people who live at the Emeritus Nursing Home on Bagley Road. The ambassadors plan on playing some games with the residents and doing some arts and crafts projects too.

The students involved in the Middleburg Heights Young Ambassadors are:

1) Abby Schad – The Academy of St. Bartholomew. She has been involved in the group for two years.

2) Kaiya Bundy – Crestview Elementary School

3) Harley Helman – Middleburg Heights Junior High

4) Mark Ezaki – The Academy of St. Bartholomew

5) Maryum Ali – Birchwood School

6) Kaylee Johnson – Ford Middle School

7) Olivia Farris – Berea-Midpark High School. Olivia has been involved since the program began.