memorial-wallThe City of Middleburg Heights and the Middleburg Heights Chamber of Commerce are proud to present the American Veterans Traveling Tribute, which will be on display July 19-24 (the week of the Republican National Convention) at the Middleburg Commons (Craigmere and Bagley Rd.).

The AVTT Wall is an 80 percent scale version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Across its 360-foot length the Wall contains every single name etched on the original. At its apex, the Memorial is an impressive eight feet tall. This is the largest replica of its kind!

The mission of this veteran-owned project is to travel the nation to honor, respect, and remember men and women who served, and to pay specific tribute to those who gave all in that service. Since the Tribute is mobile, it allows people to honor and respect veterans and active military personnel without having to travel great distances to do so.

Remembrance, education, and respect are the main focuses of AVTT. The Wall is a way to honor our nation’s heroes one community at a time.

The Wall is made available for visitations by the general public at no charge.

The AVTT is not government sponsored or affiliated, but funded through sponsorship fees, merchandise sales, and donations. AVTT is contracted by The Texas Freedom Tribute (TFT) an IRS designated 501 C3, to provide The Wall, crew and expertise. Donations or support to AVTT’s mission via TFT are qualified charitable tax deductions.  For more information visit