On November 28, 2017 Mayor Gary Starr and City Council recognized the distinguished public service career of retiring Councilman Ray Guttmann.

Ray Guttmann and his wife of 63 years, Sharon, have been Middleburg Heights’ residents for 54 years.   Ray has served as a Councilman-at-large from 2009-2017, a Ward 4 Councilman from 1970-1974, 1976-1977 and 1989-2009 and City Council President from 1974-1975. Mr. Guttmann grew up on Cleveland’s east side and graduated from John Hay High School.   Mr. Guttmann is a U.S. Army veteran and began singing while in the army at the end of World War II. Mr. Guttmann performed with the Harry Hershey Orchestra for 15 years and he also performed at Swingo’s, one of Governor Voinovich’s Inaugurations and the Polka Varieties television show for many years. He worked under the stage name Ray Young.

Ray worked for several businesses, including Brush Beryllium and National Tooling and Machine Association and retired in 1990.   Ray was inducted into the National Polka Hall of Fame in 2012. Ray has been a long-term member of the Middleburg Heights Chamber of Commerce and also sponsored a lot of boys and girls baseball and softball teams in cooperation with the Kiwanis Club.  Mayor Starr, City Council members and all city Directors thanked Ray Guttmann for his public service, leadership and inspiration.