Service Dept. works around the clock to clear streets and driveways


To Mayor Gary Starr’s Office:

 “Wanted to let you know how great our service department is! Today, in spite of all the snow that came down, those guys were out there in the early morning plowing out the driveways of us seniors. Thank you for this service to our seniors, Mayor Starr, and a big thank-you to the guys who were plowing my drive at 8:30 this morning. You are to be commended!”

—Middleburg Heights resident Eileen Johnson


Without a doubt, it has been a busy winter season for our Service Department. The Service Department works around the clock when there is significant snow or a storm headed in our direction. This year it seems we have been battling the snow and glacial temperatures weekly, if not daily.

Our Service Department has had 22 snowplows out on the road removing snow. Three shifts of hard workers are removing snow from our main streets, neighborhood streets, and driveways for our Senior Program – night and day.

We just want to say a BIG thank-you to our Service Department for all their hard work in these extremely cold, windy and dangerous conditions. GREAT JOB!

Thank you to our residents too – for your patience! The Service Department is truly giving it their all in an effort to keep everyone safe.

Stay warm and drive carefully!