Message from the Director

Our fire and police departments are divisions of the city’s Department of Public Safety.

As they are under my auspices as Director of Public Safety, it is my duty to:

  • Develop, in conjunction with the fire and police departments, the rules and regulations for the operation of those two departments.
  • Enforce all police, fire, safety, health and sanitary regulations prescribed by the ordinances of the city and by the general laws of Ohio.
  • Make all appointments in the police department and fire department (with the exception of the police chief and fire chief, who are appointed by the mayor) in accordance with our civil service rules and regulations.
  • Because the positions of police officer and firefighter are civil service positions, each candidate must pass a civil service exam to qualify. (The director of public safety has no involvement, however, in conducting or evaluating the exam itself.)
  • The safety of our citizens is of the utmost concern to each of us. Be assured that the Department of Public Safety is working each day to keep citizens safe by maintaining well-trained, well-qualified and well-run police and fire departments.

Sincerely yours,

John Ligato
Director of Public Safety