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UPDATED October 11, 2021

Mayor Castelli and the Middleburg Heights City Council understand that maintaining our roads is a top priority. The Middleburg Heights Department of Public Service and Director James Herron coordinates and manages the work with our City Engineer – Mackay Engineering and regional partners including Cuyahoga County, the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Listed below are the planned and funded 2021 Middleburg Heights Road Construction Projects. This list is updated periodically as projects are approved and funded by Middleburg Heights City Council.

Middlebrook/ Asphalt Section
Fabrizi has been working on this project and should be finished by the end of October. We are anticipating that the surface course of asphalt will be installed the week of 10/11/21 and then seeding and restoration will follow. 

General Pavement Services
This contract has been awarded to Crossroads Asphalt and they are working on this project. 

Newton Drive, Parklawn Avenue and Byron Boulevard
These projects are complete except for seeding and mulching. D.L. Smith reseeded in mid to late September. 

Webster Road
Specialized Construction, Inc. was awarded this contract. The work is complete except for punch list items.

Lucerne Drive, Maureen Drive, Normandie Boulevard
Specialized Construction, Inc. was awarded this contract. Lucerne and Normandie are complete except for seeding and mulching and punch list items. Concrete work on Maureen is completed. Surface course and restoration should be completed by the week of October 18, 2021.

The Vallejo Company was awarded this contract. The work was started last week and the project is scheduled for completion by mid-November. 

Please download the spreadsheet opens in a new windowhereopens PDF file for the other paving projects to be completed in 2022. Field work has been started.