Prior Grand Jury Foreman is Sworn in as New Bailiff in Middleburg Heights Mayors Court


Pictured above from left to right: Mayor GAry W. Starr, Yvonne Tepfenhart and Paul Tepfenhart

Last evening, Tuesday, February 25, 2014,  during the Middleburg Heights City Council meeting, Paul Tepfenhart was sworn in as the new Bailiff for Mayors Court in Middleburg Heights.  The appointment will be effective beginning on March 1, 2014.  Paul Tepfenhart will replace Bill Meany who recently won his election as Ward 1 City Councilman for the city of Middleburg Heights.

We thank Councilman Bill Meany for his dedicated and professional service to our Mayors Court and representing the city of Middleburg Heights.

Paul Tepfenhart has been a long time resident of Middleburg Heights and is the retired President for the Carpenter’s Local Union.  He also had the distinction of being appointed as foreman of the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury.  He recently was appointed by a Common Pleas Judge to serve on a governing board that is tasked to improve correction facilities in Cuyahoga County.

Paul is well respected in Middleburg Heights and throughout Cuyahoga County.  We are happy to welcome Paul as part of our team here in Middleburg Heights.