For the past 10 years, the Academy of St. Bartholomew and Big Creek Elementary have participated in the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Fire Prevention Poster Contest.

The annual contest promotes fire safety with various themes during Fire Prevention Week in October. Two winners are selected from each school to compete in the State contest, one from grades 1-3 and the other from grades 4-5.

In the past, entries from the 12 top winners were made into a State Fire Marshal Office Calendar. In recent years, the winning entries have been posted on the State Fire Marshal’s website in the spring. Last year, the Northeastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association added a contest of their own for third grade students, affording those artists two chances to win!

On a local level, a winner per school/per grade is selected by our firemen. Each winner is treated to a lunch provided by Max and Erma’s Restaurant, complete with Sundae Bar.

It has become a tradition enjoyed by the children. The smile on their faces proves this to be true!

See the artwork at these links:

St. Bartholomew

Big Creek Elementary