PHOTO: A member of the Middleburg Heights Fire Department demonstrates the portable Lucas CPR Device the city is now using to save lives. Looking on are Councilman Ference, Clerk of Council Meola, councilmen Grech, Meany, Bortolotto and Guttman, Council President Castelli, Councilman McGregor, Safety Director Kerber and Chief Galgas.

The City of Middleburg Heights Fire Department has put a new ambulance into service and it features a new, life-saving piece of equipment.

The ambulance, a “2541”manufactured by Braun industries in Van Wert, Ohio, responded to its first call on January 5. For consistency of operation, its design parallels that of the 2541 ambulance already in service here in the city.

Among its many impressive features is a built-in patient cot system capable of lifting 750 pounds, and a Lucas CPR Device.

The CPR device is an innovative piece of technology. It provides uninterrupted quality CPR to patients suffering cardiac arrest. Unlike a human responder – who can fatigue in as little as two minutes under the exertion of performing CPR – this machine does not get tired. It can even perform CPR while the patient is being moved, and is stored in a backpack for easy deployment.