Middleburg Heights is reimbursed by FEMA after Hurricane Sandy


Mayor Gary W. Starr announced today that the city of Middleburg Heights has been reimbursed $105,528 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), due to “Hurricane Sandy,” a vicious storm that struck the Mid to East Coast the last week of October 2012.

“The aid has been awarded to reimburse our city for the costs of emergency public safety measures taken as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the federal funds ensure that our community will not bear the cost of responding to Sandy alone,” Starr said.

From the moment the storm approached and eventually when it hit here in Middleburg Heights, all decision makers including Mayor Starr, all City Council Members, Briant Galgas our Chief of Fire and John Maddox our Chief of Police, did not hesitate to put critical public safety measures in place to protect and serve our residents.

Councilman David Bortolotto who is Chairman of the Public Health, Safety and Relief Committee said, “Not only did we provide stellar services throughout this disaster but Briant Galgas, Chief of Fire and the Emergency Manager on behalf of Middleburg Heights, acted fiscally responsible. Under Chief Galgas’ leadership and because he had the foresight, organizational skills and determination, our city was able to successfully apply and receive this reimbursement, saving tax payers a lot of money.”

Mayor Starr added, “During a weather crisis such as, “Hurricane Sandy,” cities are challenged with many obstacles, however, Middleburg Heights’ police officers, firefighters, service department and city staff were well prepared. All of our services worked together to assist all residents in need and in a timely fashion, it was impressive.”   

The FEMA reimbursement is to financially aid Middleburg Heights for items such as debris removal, emergency response and an increase in manpower, as well as list of numerous items.

“The city of Middleburg Heights is thankful to President Obama, The U.S. Congress, FEMA and Ohio State Officials for their collaborative efforts to aid communities affected by this violent storm, said Mayor Starr.