Mayor Gary W. Starr and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. 

On Friday, March 31, 2017, Mayor Gary Starr held the first Middleburg Heights Business Roundtable Series featuring Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown at the Middleburg Heights Community Center. This non-partisan, personal discussion between Senator Brown and a small group of local, national and international businesses located in Middleburg Heights, allowed business people to engage in a one-on-one conversation with a member of the federal government regarding issues that affect their businesses.

Since 2007, Senator Brown held more than 300 community roundtables across Ohio’s 88 counties with students, local leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, workers and families to figure out ways to work together to rebuild our economy. Mayor Starr said that these roundtable meetings have directly affected federal legislation that has been introduced and existing bills that were amended.

As a city that has successfully handled rezoning requests, building permits, variances, business loans and tax incentives resulting in the creation of over 22,000 jobs in Middleburg Heights, discussing issues of healthcare, taxes, regulation, international trade and tariffs at a federal level is essential.

Senator Brown, a long-time friend of Mayor Starr, was able to discuss a number of issues with the business leaders in Middleburg Heights including the opioids crisis and hospital and police department partnerships, concern over challenges in hiring skilled workers, especially in engineering fields, worries about federal budget cuts affecting the local libraries, the need for fair trade, and alleviating the excise taxes on breweries to create more jobs.

As a result of this valuable roundtable discussion, Mayor Starr plans to hold more non-partisan business roundtable series in the future.

Once again, Mayor Starr would like to thank Senator Brown, his staff, and councilmen Bill Meany, Michael Ference and David Bortolotto for attending.

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