Mayor Gary W. Starr delivered his “State of the City” address to a sold out audience at the Middleburg Heights Chamber of Commerce luncheon on April 12, 2018.  During his speech, Mayor Starr discussed new business and development in the city, job creation and the Middleburg Heights Central Park.

Mayor Starr stated that presently there are over a dozen development projects currently in progress in Middleburg Heights. “This reflects a record $100,000,000 of investment in our city.   Also, this development activity demonstrates that businesses, continue to make significant investments, because they are confident that Middleburg Heights is a desirable and friendly location to grow, expand and thrive.”

Then Mayor Starr elaborated on the new Middleburg Heights Central Park, located on Bagley Road across from City Hall and the Community Center, consisting of approximately 34 acres of land. Central Park was planned by the Mayor as part of his Master Plan for Middleburg Heights in 2009 called Middleburg Heights 2020 Vision.

Mayor Starr explained that “preserving, protecting and creating land for public parks and green space connected to the Metropark trails, city neighborhoods, a new library and to the City Hall grounds directly across the street is a visionary plan to increase the quality of life and the reputation of Middleburg Heights.” The planning of Central Park began with the Mayor in 2005, when working with then City Councilman Jim Herron and members of Council, the city acquired 10.75 acres of land then known as the C.A. Thomas School site from the Berea School District.

Mayor Starr continued to explain that today, “through direct negotiations with property owners, the city owns or has a commitment for 27 acres out of 34 acres, to complete Central Park. Building the new 21st century library, under construction today, and the future possibility of constructing a new police station will complete my vision of a new Central Park for Middleburg Heights.”

The Mayor finished by stating that while he may be the leader of the Middleburg Heights community he acknowledges the members of the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, City Council and staff for all of their support.

“It has always been my belief that the city of Middleburg Heights, is more than bricks and mortar. Middleburg Heights should always be a place where children can walk to school without fear, and where neighbors will help neighbors. Where politicians can put behind their differences and work for the best interest of our citizens, where our City respects and acknowledges our veterans, takes great pride in our police and fireman and all the honorable men and women who serve our community.”

Click here to download a PDF of the state of the city address.