The students marched peacefully in lines, solidly shoulder to shoulder, some looking very serious, others with devilish grins and a few lagging in the back, looked very pale – as if they had seen a ghost!

They arrived at city hall with a clear, concise, and well-researched mission. They didn’t come to wreak havoc or scare anyone, they came to influence policy, to test democracy and to accomplish their mission on behalf of every citizen in Middleburg Heights. The fate of one fearful night was in their hands.

Mayor Starr met them in the council chambers to see what was brewing. There were 53 first graders from Big Creek Elementary School anxious to present data they had collected about “Trick or Treating.”

Eight students rose from the depths of the chambers to give testimony to what they had found. The well-spoken students’ names were Lexi Ditz, Lainey Gaebelein, Jackson Payne, Audrey Hansen, Amelia Torres, Alexa Daulton, Charlie Mittendorf, and Ryan Gallagher. Their first grade teacher, Mrs. Kristy Krajniak, stood by their side to cheer them on during their presentation.

They pleaded to the mayor that over the course of the last week they had surveyed over 500 staff and students asking them three enticing questions. The questions they asked in the survey were: Would you like to extend “Trick or Treating” for 30 minutes, keep it the same, or not have it at all?

The results of the survey were tantalizing! 13 people would like to not have “Trick or Treating” at all. 37 people would like to keep “Trick or Treating” the same. 480 people would like to extend “Trick or Treating” for 30 minutes.

After the students read the results out loud, the adults in the audience appeared shocked… and then came an awkward silence that you only hear in scary movies.  The Mayor knew they had him in a dark corner, a truly frightening place to be! So Mayor Starr advised the students that in order to make changes in government, while getting signatures is important, there still needed to be reasons why the city would make a change. Quick to their feet the students (also citizens of Middleburg Heights) started to list a compilation of reasons why they felt it was the right thing to do and extend “Trick or Treating” by one half hour.

Mayor Starr met with several of his advisors and gave the idea much thought over several days. The Mayor said, “Because the students were so well spoken, organized and demonstrated exactly what they came to do at city hall, I will extend “Trick or Treating,” in the city of Middleburg Heights in the year 2014 for one half hour for those households wanting to participate!  On behalf of the city of Middleburg Heights, I commend and applaud each one of the first graders at Big Creek Elementary for their first shake at learning how democracy works in America – you have won a very sweet victory!”

In the city of Middleburg Heights, “Trick or Treating” will now be from 6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

If you are a youngster and live in the city of Middleburg Heights, you need to give a BIG thank you to the first grade class of Big Creek Elementary and of course Mayor Gary W. Starr!

The end!

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