Dear Members of the Middleburg Heights Women’s Club:

When it comes to local philanthropy, we gentlemen can barely hold a candle to the work and many accomplishments of the MHWC. What you’ve done, and what you continue to do, is nothing short of remarkable.

You’ve awarded nearly $200,000 in scholarship funds, offered up thousands of donations and clocked countless volunteer hours, but most importantly, you’ve given people what they need most—compassion and hope.

From City Council and its constituents to my office and beyond, you’ve inspired us all. Thank you for your tireless support of worthy causes; thank you for your dedicated service to local residents and families; and thank you all for creating a lasting institution that will serve our great city for another 70 years.

Very truly yours, 

Mayor Gary Starr 

The Middleburg Heights Women’s Club hosted their annual fundraiser on November 5th and was able to raise over $10,000! According to MHWC President Mary McKim, the money will fund the club’s college scholarship program, and the rest will be divided among local charities and worthy causes. Interested in volunteering for this leading philanthropic organization? Call McKim today at 440-628-8014.