Dear Middleburg Heights Residents,

Temperatures today and for the next few days are plummeting.  The National Weather Service has named the winter storm “Ion” and describes the weather as “life-threatening.”  Newspapers and television stations around the country are calling the weather a “polar vortex.”

Whatever you wish to call this abominable storm we can all agree it is bone chilling cold!

Our staff will remain working hard to maintain safe driving conditions and keep you informed of any changes or updates.  Some important information as well as a few tips are listed below.

Please drive safe and stay warm the next few days and call on us if needed.  


Mayor Gary W. Starr

This week (January 6, 2014) garbage pick-up will be delayed one day.  For Middleburg Heights residents garbage will be picked up on Thursday, January 9, 2014 due to inclement weather.

The Middleburg Heights Community Center will be serving as an official warming center for residents who may have lost their heat.  Monday, January 6, 2014 through Wednesday, January 8, 2014 the Community Center will remain open  from 6 AM until 10 PM.

If a power outage occurs you should call 1-888-LIGHTSS or (1-888-544-4877) to report your outage or click the “Report Outage” link on via smartphone.

We are reminding residents to reach out and check on elderly neighbors that may not have the ability to read this notice.


Check your pipes and let warm water trickle from the faucet to keep water flowing.  Keep your cabinet doors open so warm air can reach uninsulated pipes. ,

If your pipes freeze, open all faucets completely and warm the pipes by pouring hot water over them.

Please do not use your oven or stove to warm up a room this is a fire hazard and source of toxic fumes.

If you feel a draft coming from a window or door try using a towel or blanket to cover them.

If you must go outside -wear layers

Don’t go outside if you don’t need to do so

Remember your pet during these cold days