What is your income tax rate? Credit?

The city’s tax rate is 2.0% with 100% credit up to 2.0%.finance2

Where can I obtain tax forms?

Tax forms are available in the Finance Department located in city hall. Forms are also available to download on the Regional Income Tax Agency’s webpage at

Can I file electronically?

Yes, individuals can file their returns electronically at E-filing is fast, simple, secure and free. Employers may also file withholding forms electronically.

My child is under 18. Does he/she owe income tax and how would he/she file for a refund?

Income earned by someone under the age of 18 is not subject to tax. Your child should file Form 10-A to obtain a refund of taxes withheld.

I can’t figure out the RITA tax forms. Can you help me?

Income tax assistance is available at the finance department for residents of Middleburg Heights and by contacting RITA at (440) 526-0900.

When is the filing deadline?

2019 taxes must be filed by April 15, 2020.

Property Taxes FAQs

What is the property tax rate?  Why has my property tax bill gone up?

Property tax rates and new levies are available on the County Treasurer’s webpage.

What is the special assessment on my property-tax bill? How is it calculated?

The sanitary and storm sewer special assessments are placed on the property tax bills of all Middleburg Heights property owners based on front footage. The revenue generated from the fee is used for the maintenance and repair of Middleburg Heights sanitary and storm sewers. Cuyahoga County government handles the collection and administration of funds from this special assessment. Taxpayers may also have special assessments for other projects specific to their street.

Miscellaneous FAQs

Where can I obtain a work permit for minors?

Work permits for minors are available at the student’s school district.

Are there any employment opportunities with the City?

Check with the civil service commission page for information about employment opportunities for police officers and firefighters/paramedics.

I’m a vendor. Who do I speak to about selling you X, or how do I get on your “approved vendor list?”

The city does not have an “approved vendor list,” per se; vendors are asked to mail information regarding their products or services to the city.

I’m a vendor. What is the turnaround time for invoices? I have a past due invoice; to whom should I talk?

Invoices are generally paid every two weeks. If you have questions regarding a past due invoice, please contact Virginia in accounts payable at (440) 234-8989.

I’m a first time homebuyer and am looking to move into Middleburg Heights. Do you have any programs/offers/incentives to offer?

The city does not currently have any incentive programs in place. However, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) offers an incentive program for homebuyers. Check their website for information about their Smart Commute Plus initiative. The State of Ohio offers a variety of programs and incentives for homebuyers through the Ohio Department of Development.