The Five Major City Departments

Under the provisions of our City Charter, our city government is organized into five major administrative departments that provide a variety of services. Each administrative department is under the supervision of a director, who is appointed by the mayor. The five administrative departments required by our City Charter are:

  1. Department of Public Service The Director of Public Service is responsible for supervising the building division, engineering and service.
  2. Department of Public Safety The Director of Public Safety is responsible for supervising the fire department and the police department.
  3. Department of Economic Development The Director of Economic Development is responsible for new and current business development in the city.
  4. Department of Law The Law Director is the city’s legal counsel and attorney.
  5. Department of Finance The Director of Finance is the city’s fiscal officer and financial advisor to the mayor and the city council.

Departments & divisions created by our Codified Ordinances include: