Demographic Data & Community Profile

The Department of Economic Development maintains detailed demographic data and community profile information for all aspects of economic development and community development for the City of Middleburg Heights.

The following information is presented as a resource to businesses when considering Middleburg Heights for business expansion or development projects.

Demographic Profile
This link provides access to a report detailing the following demographic information as of 2006:

  • Population – General Data and Growth Projections
  • Household – Number / Size / Income Levels
  • Income – Median / Average / Per Capita
  • Housing Unit – General Data / Type / Value / Age
  • Population Distribution – Race / Ethnicity / Age / Education
  • Family – Income / Marital Status / Tenancy
  • Employment – Distribution / Industry Data

Demographic Overview
This link provides access to a report with current (2009) and projected demographic data including:

  • Population / Sex / Race Distribution
  • Household – Income Distribution / Net Worth / Size
  • Labor Force Status
  • Housing Unit Distribution
  • Education Attainment

Workforce Overview
This link provides access to a report with current (2009) workforce and establishment distribution data by establishment size and type.

Consumer Expenditures Overview
This link provides access to a report with current (2009) data on consumer expenditures, total and per household, distributed by expenditure category and sub-categories for Middleburg Heights households.

Traffic Count Data
This link provides traffic counts for all major intersections in the City of Middleburg Heights, including traffic counts for Interstate 71 at Bagley Road and at Pearl Road. This information was compiled by NOACA with data from the Cuyahoga County Engineer as of December 2004.

Additional traffic count information is available from the Middleburg Heights Department of Economic Development.