photoOur park has specifically designed courts for the game that can be played by people of all ages. The courts are located in the park behind City Hall and are run by our Recreation Department. The Rec Department hosts several bocce ball leagues, including a men’s league, a coed league, and a youth league as well as pickup bocce games on Thursday mornings. The courts are open during regular park hours and equipment is available to rent in the Community Center.

If you don’t know much about bocce ball we have put together a short description that can help you get some games started or inspire you to join a league! The next league starts in October (It will be indoors) and sign up’s will be in the fall.

Bocce is a ball sport that has origins dating back to the ancient Roman Empire. The modern form of the sport was developed in Italy and has spread throughout Europe and other continents mainly through Italian immigrants. The playing area for bocce usually consists of a hard surface or fine gravel court that is 90 feet in length and approximately 10 feet in width. Bocce can either be played with two individuals or multiple teams.

The game begins by tossing a small round ball (often called the “jack”) toward the opposite end of the court. The next step is for each team/individual to toss a series of larger balls with the goal of getting as near to the jack as possible. A point is awarded to the team/individual that has the closest ball to the jack; additional points can be awarded to that team/individual that has any other balls that are closer to the jack than their opponents. Most games are played to anywhere between 7 and 13 points.

We asked our Middleburg Heights bocce ball expert, Jerry Morgano, what he liked most about the game!  He said, the best aspect about playing bocce ball is that there is a camaraderie that is always present at the Middleburg Heights courts. Some of the guys I have been team mates with have been playing for over ten years. We have formed new friends, gotten to know their families and consider some of our team players relatives!

For more information about bocce ball in Middleburg Heights, please contact the Community Center to sign up for the Fall sessions. (440)  234-2255