Cleveland Division of Water “Clear Reads Project” begins in Middleburg Heights


The Cleveland Division of Water will soon begin replacing older water meters and installing new wireless automated meters in households throughout Middleburg Heights. This new program will allow meter readers to monitor your meter using wireless receivers and a series of repeating transmitters to get accurate readings every hour from its 420,000 accounts.

The upgrade to AMR technology and the “Clear Reads Project” has several advantages to customers, most importantly; customers will be billed more accurately for water that they actually use rather than paying for an estimation. Because the project will produce more information at a faster speed to the Cleveland Division of Water, it will tremendously improve customer service for their 1.5 million customers.

Participation in the “Clear Reads Project” is mandatory; however, there is no cost to customers for the meter upgrade.  The $86 million automated meter system project will continue with installations through the end of 2013. Middleburg Heights households will receive notification and will be provided specific instructions on how to schedule an appointment.  For more information please visit