City purchases land from Berea School District

MBH-Estate-Purchase-Signing“The Middleburg Commons” real estate purchasing signing ceremony

Seated, left to right: Berea City Schools Superintendent Michael R. Sheppard, Mayor Gary W. Starr, Council President Alan C. Budney. Standing, left to right:  Councilmen John Grech, Dave Bortolotto, Tim Ali, Matt McGregor; Service Director James Herron; Councilmen Ray Guttmann and Matt Castelli.

On February 14, 2012, Mayor Gary W. Starr, with support of City Council, completed the purchase of 10.752 acres of land at the corner of Bagley and Craigmere from the Berea School District. The land, formerly known as the C.A. Thomas property, has officially been renamed “The Middleburg Commons” by city ordinance.

The purchase of this strategically located land provides the city with a wonderful opportunity to develop the property for public use.

An extensive planning process – partnering City Council, the Administration, the Planning Commission and the public – will now begin. This will ensure that all options for the future use of “The Middleburg Commons” are carefully considered before a final use is determined.