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Indoor Pool

Considered the most popular place in the City of Middleburg Heights, the natatorium area offers wet fun for everyone. As opposed to the traditional “rectangular” lap pool, this free form body of water links several wet attractions together. The tot pool area has a shallow 4″ start and slopes to 18″ at its deepest point. In the center of the tot pool is a bright and colorful play feature with a slide, water jets and plenty of rope pulls and wheels to turn for interactive fun.

There is a current channel that can be used as a “lazy river” with inflatable floats or as therapeutic resistance walking against the current. There is a bubble couch, an in-water bench area and an above-deck hot tub. A three-lane lap area anchors the current. This 4-1/2 foot deep area functions for either short lap swimming or as an open area for water aerobics programs. Another offering for the pool areas is a circular vortex section with an in-water bench and swirling water currents.

indoor poolThe last area is the splashdown pool for the 14 ft. tall, 100 ft. long water slide that is a hit with thrill seekers of all ages. The entire pool area is bathed in natural light through the seven expansive arch-topped window openings that face south. The indoor pool has views  through these windows to the outdoor pool area as well as views that open to the track above and into the casual activity area. The pool area also has a sauna, steam and first aid room, along with office space for the lifeguards and the aquatics director.

Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool area is the summer complement to the indoor pool. From June through early September, the outdoor pool is a haven for “beating the heat.” The outdoor pool has a zero entrance beach and shallow play area for small children. There are many play features, including water cannons, tumble buckets and a lily-pad walk.There is also a splashdown pool for the 17 ft. tall, 120 ft. long outdoor slide. In addition to all the fun features, we have plenty of deck space for lounging in the sun.

A separate concession stand and eating area provides cold drinks, quick meals and tasty snacks. The design also incorporates a secondary entrance through a ‘gate house’ check-in for quick access to the pool without walking through the building.

Learn to Swim and Program Information

Swimming lessons are offered to children ages 18 months and older. All classes incorporate "Exit Skills" that will blend proper body positioning, change of direction and an understanding of aquatic safety in order to progress. Please read the guidelines carefully or call Jessica Rockhill, Aquatics Director (, at (440) 234-2255. All lessons are taught at the indoor heated pool; average temperature is 85 degrees. The student/teacher ratio is generally 1:3 for preschool alone and introductory skills classes.

2020 Learn to Swim Dates

  • 2020 Learn to Swim Registration Dates

    Winter 2020 Learn to Swim Information

  • 2020 Winter Youth Learn to Swim Information
  • 2020 Winter Adult Learn to Swim Information
  • 2020 Winter Adapted Learn to Swim Information

    Fall 2019 Learn to Swim Information

  • 2019 Fall Youth Learn to Swim Information
  • 2019 Fall Adult Learn to Swim Information
  • 2019 Fall Adapted Learn to Swim Information
  • Group Exercise Programs - Aquatics

    The Middleburg Heights Community Center offers the following water exercise programs for adults
    • February 2020 Water Exercise Schedule

      Listed in order of impact and intensity. See schedule for days, times, and instructors. Subject to change. Contact Jessica Rockhill ( for more information.

      Range of Motion (ROM)

      Very low-impact, low intensity. Designed to improve joint flexibility and balance. For those with mobility challenges and discomfort resulting from arthritis, injury, or surgery. This class involves slow easy movements and gentle stretches to strengthen muscles and alleviate pain. There is no major aerobics component to this class. It is expected that participants will work at their own pace.


      Low-impact, low to moderate intensity. General conditioning focused on increasing endurance and agility, muscular strength, balance, and range of motion. Class is free to SilverSneakers members, but open to all members for a fee.

      Water Fitness

      Low to moderate-impact, moderate intensity. A mix of aerobics and strength training using a variety of buoyant, rubberized, and drag equipment. Good for all levels.

      Making Waves

      Low to moderate-impact, moderate to high intensity. Dance-infused combination moves to train the cardiovascular system and tone muscles. "Water Fitness" with a beat!

      Water Aerobics

      Low to moderate-impact, high intensity. At least 30 minutes of cardio including choreographed routines, suspended sequences, step aerobics, tabata protocols, and circuit workouts. Incorporates resistance equipment for muscle conditioning. Ends with stretching to improve general flexibility.

    Lifeguard Training

      The Middleburg Heights Community Center offers the American Red Cross Shallow Lifeguard Training class throughout the year. At this time there are no Lifeguard Training classes scheduled. Please visit the American Red Cross website for course offerings at other locations.

    Party/Group Swim Packages

    Did you know that we offer several birthday party packages that include use of our indoor pool (year round) and outdoor pool (in the summer months)? The Office Manager, Mary Marando can help you book your classroom birthday party package, and our popular "Dolphin Room" birthday party package.

    For group swim packages or field trips, please contact Jessica Rockhill, Aquatics Director.

    Pool Rules

    Pool Rules

    Pool Features, Rules and Policies

    Pool Features

    • Indoor Lap Section Open at all times except during scheduled programs. See Indoor Pool Schedule for details. A lap lane will be available for adults only except where indicated on the pool schedule.

    • Indoor Current Channel Available for adult water walking or for swimmers to play, ride in inner tubes, or walk. This area is shared by adults and children except where indicated on the pool schedule.

    • Indoor Zero Depth ONLY for children ages 8 and under with direct parental supervision.

    • Water Slides Swimmers must be at least 48 inches tall to use the slide. Parents are not permitted to stand at the bottom and catch a child. This is a state of Ohio regulation and will be strictly enforced. Goggles and flotation devices are not permitted to be worn on the slide. The slide will be closed during all adult sessions and scheduled programs.

    • Whirlpool/Spa Available for adults and children 15 years of age and older

    • Lily Pads For adults and children who can comfortably reach the rope, or parents may hold the hand of a child to walk across.

    • Outdoor Pool Deck  Chaise lounge chairs are reserved for adults and children 15 years of age and older.

    • Sauna/Steam Room Available for adults and children 15 years of age and older.

    Current Requirements:

    The current requirements are as follows: All persons swimming in the pool must have on proper swim attire. All infants/toddlers that require a diaper must wear swimmer diapers and proper swimwear. If your child can walk, your child must wear proper swimwear. Clean cotton t-shirts and sarongs are allowed on the pool deck, however patrons must have on proper swim attire underneath. The following attire is not allowed: "Street clothes," Brazil/French-cut, thong style and/or revealing swim wear, cut-off jeans, jeans, skirts, shorts, sport bras, leotards, leggings, dri-fit wear, compression shorts and compression shirts are prohibited. Underwear and undergarments are not allowed to be worn under swimsuits.

    Why do I have to wear proper swim attire?

    Here are just a few reasons as to why it is important to only wear pool attire in the pool.
      1. Street clothes (especially cotton) can transport airborne and ultimately water borne contaminants into the pool.

        2. Lycra and Nylon are the best non-absorbent material for swimming and are the best fabrics for proper swim attire.
 Other absorbent materials (such as cotton) can break down in the water and cause fibers to clog filters.

          3. Any “colored” material (unless specifically made for swimming) can bleed into the pool, affecting water chemistry and balance. This is also a reason for turbidity in pools.

            4. Cotton and similar materials can absorb the chemicals in the water, causing the water to become less effective at maintaining the proper chemical balance or may cloud the water.

    Aquatics FAQs

    How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?

    All children progress at different levels and the description of "swimming" is different for everyone. The most important factor is to make sure that your child respects the water and knows the rules of safety. As with any activity, the more exposure your child has to the water in a safe environment, the sooner they will master the skills. Generally children begin to understand the concepts around age 4-5, but it may take years of practice to become an accomplished swimmer.

    At what age is it safe for my child to swim without my direct supervision?

    If you are asking the question, it is probably unsafe for your child to be at the pool without direct adult supervision. We use age 8 as a guideline with the idea that around that time children understand their own limitations. Always remember that there is no substitute for a parents' vigilant observation of their own child.

    Why don't you let parents watch swim lessons from the pool deck?

    The answer to this question has many answers. Children tend to focus more on the lesson without the parent in view. Parents tend to be cheerleaders and sometimes intervene with or speak for the child while the teacher is trying to earn the respect and trust of the child. The pool area tends to be hot and uncomfortable for anyone not dressed for swimming. For housekeeping reasons, the pool deck just stays cleaner the fewer street shoes we can keep from walking on the deck.

    How do I know which level of water exercise program is appropriate for me?

    We offer a range of classes from stretching to moderate aerobics. Class descriptions serve as a guideline, but any class within reason can be adapted by the individual attending the class. The best advice is to consult with your physician to see if you have any physical limitations. Speak to the instructor before class about ways you can participate without causing a health risk to yourself. The advantage of exercise in water is buoyancy, which makes it safer than exercise on land.

    Why do the lifeguards allow children or water walkers in the lap lanes?

    This policy is really a judgment call based on the swimming crowd at any given time. If a child can swim non-stop, there really is no reason to keep him/her out. Some adults prefer to water walk in the lanes rather than the channel and again, based on the crowd at the time, we do allow it. If you feel that a child or adult walker is keeping you from being able to swim laps, please consult a lifeguard or aquatic supervisor at the time you are here. We will do our best to accommodate all swimmers.