John J. Grech, President of the Chamber of Middleburg Heights, Dan Zawadzki, Business Person of the Year and Mayor Gary W. Starr

More than 250 of the city of Middleburg Heights’ businessmen and women gathered this past weekend at the event called “Salute to the City.” The longtime tradition is held to honor some of our greatest leaders and contributors to the economy of Middleburg Heights.

All seven Middleburg Heights City Council Members attended the event to honor and celebrate their awards, including President of City Council Matthew J. Castelli, Councilman at Large Raymond G. Guttmann, Councilman Matthew G. McGregor, Councilman David Bortolotto, Councilman John Grech, Councilman Michael Ference, and Councilman Bill Meany.

“We appreciate every business in Middleburg Heights and we are thankful to all for making Middleburg Heights such a unique place to live, work and play,” said Mayor Gary W. Starr who co-MC-ed the event along with John J. Grech, the new President of the Chamber of Commerce here in Middleburg Heights.

There were 18 Awards given to recognize individuals and businesses that stand out and have been instrumental in making Middleburg Heights the heartthrob of Cuyahoga County.

The event was a huge success and we are told everyone had a great time.

Also on the city and chambers immediate agenda is a Career Fair that will be held on Wednesday, April 1, from 9 a.m. to noon at Polaris Career Center, 7285 Old Oak Blvd. in Middleburg Heights. The City of Middleburg Heights Department of Economic Development has partnered with Cuyahoga County and Polaris Career Center to present the sixth annual Polaris Westshore Career Fair.

“Nothing is more critical to the growth of Middleburg Heights than attracting, developing and retaining top talent,” Mayor Gary W. Starr said.

Mayor Gary W. Starr along with the Middleburg Heights City Council wish you continued good health and success in all your business endeavors! The honorees of the year are listed below: