little cat frozen 1_0

This past week you may have heard about a cat in Elyria that was frozen to the road and rescued by a Good Samaritan.  Fortunately, our area is full of many good people!  Because of the harsh weather conditions this past week, another cat (that we named “Olaf”) was found frozen to the side of the road on Ivy Lane here in Middleburg Heights.

A young man and “Good Samaritan” found the cat and immediately called Officer Laura Takacs who runs Animal Control for Middleburg Heights.  Middleburg Heights Mayor Gary W. Starr and all members of city council want to thank this young man for making the call and staying with “Olaf” the cat until help could arrive.  We’re sure he saved “Olaf’s ”life!

Olaf is a beautiful Persian -black and white cat with long hair!  His body had to be shaved to complete the rescue but his fur will grow back.

Our Animal Control Officer brought him to the Big Creek Pet hospital and Dr. Fagen nursed him back to health.  He is doing well now thanks to all these do-gooders!

We are happy to report that this beautiful cat will be up for adoption, if the owner does not come forward in the next week.  Please call Laura, Middleburg Heights Animal Control Officer for more information.  (440) 234-2216 at ex. 1506.

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