Autumn Leaf Collection

Leaves are considered a solid waste and should be either recycled or disposed of properly to provide safe clean streets and to prevent issues within the stormwater drainage system. Traffic will be affected during leaf collection. Be patient and help us keep our crews safe.

Leaf pick up will begin October 16, 2023 for Middleburg Heights residents.

  • Please rake your leaves to the treelawn.
  • Do not rake the leaves into the street.
  • Do not include branches, sticks, rocks, metal, animal waste, etc.- “leaves only.”
  • See complete list of DO’s and Don’ts below

Residents can expect to receive a pick up every seven to ten days. At least four city wide, full service pick ups will be made throughout the season, (more if necessary.)

Service Department crews will collect leaves from mid-October into December, weather permitting. Residents may expect at least 4 collections per year, with 7 to 10 days between collections. Additional collections may be added based on need and weather conditions. Leaf piles blocked by vehicles or other obstructions will be picked up as part of the next collection cycle, or after the obstruction has been removed.

For your assistance, please refer to the Fall Leaf Pick Up DOs and DON’Ts:


DO Think SAFETY – children should NEVER play in leaves piled along the roadway – motorists and public service crews cannot see children hidden in leaves

DO be aware of work areas and reduce your speed when driving near leaf collection operations

DO place leaf piles on the tree lawn; behind the curb / edge of pavement without blocking the street or sidewalks

DO make sure leaf piles are close enough to the street for the collection equipment to reach them – generally, no more than 3 feet from curb

DO keep leaf piles away from any trees, bushes, mailboxes, decorations, street signs and / or fire hydrants

DO recycle on your property or bag your loose leaves whenever possible


DO NOT rake or blow leaves onto streets or sidewalks – leaf piles on the streets or sidewalks are a dangerous public safety hazard to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians

DO NOT mix sticks, trash, metal, heavy debris (concrete, bricks, blocks), or pet waste in leaf piles – other waste may damage our equipment, injure our crews / bystanders, and severely slow our progress

DO NOT block storm drains with leaf piles – this will block the drain and may cause flooding

DO NOT place holiday decorations within 10 feet of leaf piles

DO NOT park in front of leaf piles awaiting collection

DO NOT dump grass clipping in leaf piles

picture of leaves with rake