AT&T Indian Creek Neighborhood Fiber Installation Project

Blue Jay Communications and Cook Paving and Construction Company are subcontracting with AT&T on a large Fiber installation project in the Indian Creek neighborhood. The Fiber installation will offer another option for residents interested in high-speed internet service. For additional information visit opens in a new

Some of the work involves installing new AT&T Fiber on existing overhead lines in the utility easement which may require workers to be in the back yards of residences to install the new Fiber lines. There are minimal disruptions with this work.

The underground Fiber installation will require underground boring and some digging in the utility easement and the public right-of-way. Prior to work starting, the contractors will video the project site to document the existing conditions and distribute information regarding the upcoming work.

The underground work initially requires a large amount of small utility marking flags to be placed in the utility easement and public right-of-way. The flags help the installation crews avoid other underground utilities such as gas, electric and water lines when installing the new Fiber lines. Please do not remove the flags; the contractors will remove the flags after the new Fiber lines are installed.

After the installation work is done, the contractors will completely restore the landscaping in the utility easement and public right-of-way.