Illuminating Company Will Inspect Power Lines in Middleburg Heights From Helicopter

Please be advised that beginning 1/20/2023, weather permitting, a helicopter will begin performing comprehensive visual inspections on all Illuminating Company lines.

These inspections are expected to take approximately five to six weeks to complete, however, any storm or outage-related patrols could prolong completion.

The helicopter to be used is Black and silver, Hughes MD500 with red tail registration number N774CB. See a photo of the helicopter opens in a new windowhere.

A comprehensive visual inspection is a slow, structure-by-structure, span-by-span inspection where the inspector onboard the helicopter gets a thorough look from top to bottom of each structure, associated hardware, and conductors of the transmission line(s). The helicopter will be moving very slowly along each of the transmission lines and will often be seen hovering while carrying out these inspections.