City of Middleburg Heights Central Park Plan Request For Qualifications

The ongoing City of Middleburg Heights Community Master Plan identifies the “Central Park & Municipal Campus,” located on the south side of Bagley Road between Craigmere Drive and Big Creek Parkway, as one of four “Target Community Areas”—significant locations within the City that have the potential to serve as community gateways, provide opportunities for new development, redevelopment, or other amenities to better serve the community.

In November 2021, City of Middleburg Heights Mayor Matthew Castelli announced the administration’s intention to create a new City park—Central Park–to be located on the south side of Bagley Road opposite the Municipal Campus–that will provide new recreation opportunities to supplement existing City active recreation facilities located on the Municipal Campus.

The City of Middleburg Heights is interested in engaging a talented project partner (Firm) to assemble, create, and deliver the proposed Central Park Master Plan as recommended by the Community Master Plan currently being prepared by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission, and in conjunction with concurrent planning efforts by Cleveland Metroparks, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, and the Middleburg Heights Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. The above groups will serve the City of Middleburg Heights as a Stakeholder Working Group for the duration of the project. The City anticipates the creation of a phased approach to maximize opportunities for site assembly, and for public engagement to better position the City to fully develop the overall Central Park Master Plan.