Plaza on Pearl Project Construction Begins – India Grocers to Anchor

Construction has begun on the Plaza on Pearl project with India Grocers as the anchor business and neighboring tenant space for other businesses. The new location will occupy five acres of land situated between Get Air Trampoline Park and Maserati of Cleveland.

The new India Grocers store would be triple the size of the Parma Heights grocery store, which opened in 1994.

Heepal Patel, owner of India Grocers said “We are family-owned and very employee-driven, and we have a very loyal customer base,” Patel said. “Because of our ability to draw customers from afar, we’ve become the anchor for our other locations.”

He said he envisions a shopping center instead of just a store because “there’s a lot more opportunity our tenants can take advantage of, and we can positively impact the Middleburg community.” He anticipates creating 20 to 30 new jobs for the grocery store alone.

A landscaped walkway will provide access to outlying parking and leading directly to the India Grocers store. Additional retail space at the end of the building would accommodate another tenant. The sidewalks and landscaping, a highlight of the plan, will be incorporated as well.