Cleveland Magazine Article Describes Why Middleburg Heights Is One of the Best Places To Live

On May 26th, Cleveland Magazine released an online article featuring Middleburg Heights as one of the best places to live thanks to our outstanding resident and business owner, Lacretta Incorvaia. Lacretta first fell in love with Middleburg Heights in 2005 after finding a small ad in the Plain Dealer for new homes in the area. The friendliness of all our residents, combined with our beautiful Lake-to-Lake trail, made Middleburg Heights immediately feel like home for her. It is thanks to the resiliency of our city, and the time people such as Mayor Matthew Castelli, City Council, and Economic Director Charles Bichara dedicate to both residents and business owners, that makes Middleburg Heights the perfect place to both live and work. To read the article and learn more about why Lacretta thinks Middleburg Heights is truly one of the best places to live, visit  opens in a new

Resident Lacretta Incorvaia