Middleburg Heights companies manufacture and distribute UV-C system proven to destroy COVID-19 in under four seconds!

The Diversey MoonBeam3, the powerful germicidal UV-C disinfecting device, is the first and only UV-C system in its class proven effective against COVID-19. MoonBeam3 is distributed by Daylight Medical and manufactured by Codonics, both Middleburg Heights companies.

The system was used in a recent study conducted in Japan on a live COVID-19 strain. The study confirmed MoonBeam3 destroyed the virus, leaving no detectable organism in less than four seconds, making it the first and only UV-C system in its class proven to eradicate COVID-19.

Southwest General Hospital has been using MoonBeam3 for more than five years as a best practice for hospital disinfection to reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections. MoonBeam3 ensures safety and cleanliness for first responders and patients.

Daylight Medical and Codonics are two Middleburg Heights companies that remain on forefront in the fight against COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens.

Moon Beam