Moving Forward on the Right Path – Let’s Do it Together!

Over the last year, Middleburg Heights has begun the process to produce a comprehensive master plan. Our last comprehensive master plan for the City was completed in 1970 and it is time to move forward with a new vision.

The planning process for this new comprehensive master plan provided an opportunity to conduct a detailed analysis of existing conditions, create a unifying vision for tomorrow, determine goals and actions to achieve that vision, and construct implementation and funding strategies to help drive these ideas forward for both commercial and residential areas.

We have set a completion timeline of two years and we continue to progress on schedule. Phase 1 has already been completed with all current conditions including demographic, land use, housing, business and transportation profiles for Middleburg Heights documented, giving a detailed overview for the City.

After careful analysis of this information it was determined that the City of Middleburg Heights shares a number of trends with other communities in the region, yet also has its own unique challenges and opportunities.

Middleburg Heights is truly a hub for community – The Middle of Everything!

We offer numerous amenities such as world class medical facilities and services and diverse residential housing options making our City the perfect culmination and atmosphere for living and business opportunities.

We are continuing to evaluate our current conditions against our surrounding communities to better understand the areas where Middleburg Heights is excelling in the region, but also where the City may have room for improvement. This will help us determine where policy, development, or other decisions may need to be addressed to produce the best outcome for the City in the future.

As residents, business and civic leaders of our community, your feedback greatly matters to us throughout this process. We need your involvement to achieve the best possible result, especially during these times when traditional public meetings and gatherings are not possible please continue to visit the City’s website and the project website for updates about future community feedback opportunities and to view draft Master Plan documents.

“I want to thank both the community and Middleburg Heights City Council for your support of the master plan project. I look forward to working with all members of the Middleburg Heights community on this very important project.” – Mayor Matt Castelli.

Lake to Lake path
Middleburg Heights Master Plan

We are working closely with residents as well as business and civic leaders to ensure that the plan includes feedback from all constituents of the community and Invite you to watch a short video and begin taking the “Let’s Do it Together” survey by clicking below!

Please click on the survey link to get started right now.