2020 Indoor Pool and Park Pavilion Renovations

As we evolve to improve your experience at the Middleburg Heights Community Center, we are pleased to announce our 2020 Indoor Pool and Park Pavilion Renovations! The Community Center is approaching its 20 year anniversary and many of the features and equipment are original and long overdue for replacement. The indoor pool renovation will include a new play feature, HVAC system, plaster, skylights, painting, and slide rehab. The two existing park pavilions will be torn down and replaced with two new larger pavilions, sidewalk repairs, landscape beautification and other improvements with an anticipated completion date of June 2020.

While we are excited to share this news, we realize there may be inconveniences to our members and guests and we apologize in advance. We are confident that these improvements will make your experiences with us even more pleasant, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding while we implement these upgrades. Work will begin sometime late summer on the indoor pool and we expect the indoor pool area will be closed for approximately three months (exact dates to come). During that time we will strive to keep the outdoor pool open and offer alternatives for you to swim. We are very excited for the end result of this work and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of progress for your future enjoyment at the Middleburg Heights Community Center.

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