mosquito population

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) and the City of Middleburg Heights would like to remind residents of the steps they can take to help reduce the local mosquito population. Some mosquitoes breed in standing water in the woods, and some in artificial containers (like buckets), while others prefer clogged gutters. Eliminating standing water will help reduce the population of biting adult mosquitoes in the future.

Taking the following steps now will allow you to enjoy more mosquito-free backyard activities later this summer:

1. Clean your gutters often to keep them flowing.
2. Remove or properly store children’s toys that can collect water.
3. Place the lids on your garbage cans to keep rain out.
4. Maintain your ornamental pond or birdbath.
5. Cover your rain barrel openings with screening.
6. Prevent mosquito and tick bites by using insect repellent, and follow label directions.
7. Fill low spots in your yard.
8. Maintain your pool in good operating condition. Keep stagnant water off of the pool cover.
9. Remove containers that may hold water (buckets, tires, etc.) from behind garages or sheds.
10. Clean out any roadside or drainage ditches so that water can flow properly.

These easy steps will help prevent mosquitoes from becoming a problem in your yard and will help reduce the chance of someone in your family becoming infected with a mosquito-borne disease. CCBH staff respond to mosquito complaints and apply mosquito control products from early spring into the fall.

Assist the CCBH office in protecting your community from mosquito-borne disease by routinely following the steps described above.

The CCBH will have its adult mosquito surveillance data available on its website (www.ccbh.net) after June 1.